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Joyful Downtown Wedding at T&P Event Center

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ABILENE, TX – I was so excited to have the honor of photographing Capri & Matthew’s wedding last September at T&P Event Center in Abilene. Their closest family and friends gathered to watch these two lovers commit to each other fully and completely – and y’all, it was just so incredibly sweet! Matthew’s face as he watched Capri come down the aisle was absolutely priceless and the groomsmen totally pulled off the “crackerjack bit” – if you’re not familiar with this one, it’s where the officiant asks for the rings and the groomsmen all look at each other in shock as if they forgot to bring the rings. Finally, a groomsmen pulls out a crackerjack box and voila! The day is saved – the rings just so happen to be in the box! Capri was a great sport and everyone got a laugh out of it. I always enjoy a wedding party with a sense of humor!

After the ceremony, it started to drizzle but that didn’t stop the party! We strolled around downtown Abilene and the couple had the chance to soak it all in – pardon the pun – while we did their formal portraits. Seeing these two obsessing over each other was so sweet and I am just so grateful to have had the chance to get to know them better!

About the couple: “We met at a dental office, I worked with Matthew’s mom at the time. I took his x-rays and helped assist filling his cavities. Instantly we became best friends and couldn’t go a day without seeing or talking to each other! We have been together for 7 years now – doing long distance for 2 of those years. We take a yearly ski trip (we love to ski) and we went to Loveland, CO. He took me to the top of the mountain and got down on one knee and proposed. He truly is my best friend and biggest supporter!”

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Dishman!

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