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Dreamy Sunrise Engagement at Arbor Hills

DALLAS, TX – Now, I’m going to be honest with y’all for a second…I am not a morning person. I have tried so hard and it’s just not for me! This sunrise engagement session, however, made me want to try harder because seriously – that light, the cool, crisp air, the romance and early morning snuggles – they are everything! Not to mention we practically had Arbor Hills to ourselves, which if you’ve been there you know is a rare occurance.

A little about Landon + Danielle: “After graduating in 2013, we both moved back home to look for new jobs. Landon moved back to Ponder and reconnected with his high school friends, and I moved back to Gainesville and stayed close with my college friends that lived in the area. After a few weekends of meeting up with those mutual friends on the Denton Square, I guess you could say Landon & I became acquaintances. I knew who he was but he was just one of the guys in the group. We would all meet up a couple times a month, some times he’d be in the group, sometimes he wouldn’t. It wasn’t until about two years later we became friends and started talking.

Fast forward to June 2013, a couple of our friends met up to hang out at a pool. Landon ended up being there. We got to talking about different television shows and our mutual love for Game of Thrones. We ended up staying out much later than anyone had expected to and with Landon having to work the market the next morning, we really shouldn’t have stayed up that late. But being the sweet man he is, Landon stayed up on the phone and talked to me as I made the 40 minute drive home. Since he lived about 5 minutes away, I caused him to stay up even later than he had to! But I thought was extremely sweet to stay up with me and make sure I made it home alright. I knew after that night that whenever we went out in our group, I really wanted him to be there. I would say that is when we started “talking” and then a month later we started dating.

Here we are two years later. Engaged and planning a January Wedding!”

Landon proposed to Danielle on a snow capped mountain overlooking a gorgeous lake in Wyoming and – this is my favorite part – she described it as “friggin’ magical” which fills my heart with so much happiness! They both enjoy hiking, traveling to new places and generally share a love for the outdoors.

Check out their engagement session below!


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