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Colorful + Romantic Quarry Engagement Session

DALLAS, TX – When Sarah & Matthew requested to have their engagement session at a local quarry, I was absolutely thrilled! It was truly a dreamy location – the turquoise blue water and neutral limestone cliffs served as the perfect backdrop to showcase Sarah’s vibrant red dress and stunningly effortless pink gown. They brought along their adorable Shiba Inu, Hiko, bow tie and all! As she and Matthew laughed (a lot!), cuddled and kissed, the faint call of geese echoed in the background as the sun sank lower behind the tree line. It was so easy to get caught up in the romance of it all; as we ended the session, Sarah and Matthew popped some champagne and we toasted to their upcoming marriage. A perfect end to an evening of laughter, love and celebration!

About the couple: “Matthew and I first met on an online dating site. After many months of Skype and texts, we finally met when Matt moved to Dallas for a job offer. I was skeptical of his existence knowing what darkness lurks around the internet, but there was something much deeper that we felt when we met in person.

Matt and I are very spontaneous! We will plan a weekend getaway in a matter of an hour, take the Jeep and our dog offroading (and get stuck…I’ll let Matt explain that incident), or go try somewhere new and exciting in Dallas. Needless to say, we both love the thrill of a new adventure and being able to share it with each other.

Sarah: I knew Matt was the one when I noticed how transparent he was with me. I learned how he was feeling from a simple look, how we somehow had the same dinner game plan when we tried somewhere new, or that we could share a moment on a couch without words, I just knew these feelings were a lot deeper than Matt being another boyfriend in my life. He was my life partner.

Matt: We had BBQ on our first date (it’s our favorite in the Dallas area. Lockhart BBQ, check it out!) and after enjoying some local brews and spending the day together, she was much more than just a girl I was dating.

Matt planned the engagement around our weekend getaway to Seattle. Little did I know, there was a little black box holding our beautiful idea and this heirloom to the start of our family. Matt proposed on Saturday, March 4, 2017 at the Downtown Sculpture Garden that overlooks the bay area. Shortly before he popped the question, we were reminiscing about our morning and how much we loved Seattle. A few seconds were silent and the bay area breeze brushed my cheek and tousled my hair as Matt got down on one knee and asked a simple question. Happy tears streamed down my face as I knock myself back for a moment and say yes! I was so excited and filled with joy! We proceeded to walk to the Space Needle where we celebrated our engagement with a beautiful brunch that overlooked the Seattle area. We later visited The Walrus and The Carpenter for an engagement dinner celebration for just the two of us. Celebrating our intimate moment with just the two of us felt just right. I could not have imagined a more perfect, beautiful, and a very “us” proposal.

The engagement ring was designed by The True Gem. Matt and I visited their beautiful and cozy studio around Thanksgiving 2016. We came in with a very specific vision and they were able to make every single detail happen. We based our design off of The Chandler ring, which has directional prongs, and featured an Euro Shank and a round Moissanite, with rose gold.

We are ecstatic to start our lives together as Mr. and Mrs. Neafie!”

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