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Cozy Hill Country Engagement Session at Highland Lakes Camp

SPICEWOOD, TX – Miriam & Jason’s golden, cozy outdoor engagement session at Highland Lakes Camp couldn’t have been more perfect! This session was full of frolicking, laughter and even some puppy snuggles. I enjoy getting to know my couples so much and spending the evening with these two was so fun!

About the couple: “Jason and I met about 9 years ago at a summer camp. We remained friends through the years, but not close friends. A little over 3 years ago, he reached out to me and we began to catch up. He lived in Austin, I lived in Waco, so our first date was in Belton. This was also during the Blue Bell¬† drought – Jason brought me a tub of Blue Bell from Austin. After our first date, I went home to tell my best friend that I found my future husband. After almost 2 years of long distance, Jason moved to Waco last August! We both wanted to live in the same town before we got married – although we both knew where this relationship was going, we just wanted that extra bit of security. All that to say, I was really antsy to get the ball rolling – but I had to wait 10 months for him to ask. Well, ‘ask’.

In June, we went on a trip to Colorado to visit some friends who had just recently moved from Waco. I had a feeling that we would get engaged while there, but I wasn’t going to hold him to any expectations. A few days into the trip, we were supposed to go out to Mt. Evans to go hiking – we woke up early that morning and the whole house was already moving. Kandace, who never really cares about dressing up, was saying she was going to put on makeup and wear something ‘cute for pictures’. Jason walked out in a collared shirt. Greg (Kandace’s husband) was his cheery-self, so I didn’t think much of that. I refused to wear jeans but said that I’d wear makeup; I told Jason that it was weird that he was wearing a collared shirt and to go change; I was skeptical, but again, didn’t have expectations. The weather didn’t look promising, so we hurried up and ran out the door to get to the mountain. After a lengthy drive, we were finally there – we just needed to hike up the last 100 ft. As we were walking, I didn’t realize that Kandace and Greg taper off when Jason asked me to go take a picture in a weird secluded corner (which I refused to go to). Finally, I agreed to go into the weird corner with him that ended up being a cliff. We could see no one, no one could see us – he got down on one knee and almost immediately popped back up because I snagged the ring out of his hand, said yes, and put it on myself.

We love hanging out with friends, whether that’s staying at home making grilled cheese or having game nights and nights out. I love running and we both enjoy being outside. On the weekends, we’re watching football, at the farmers market, or out of town. We joined a church softball league this summer. I wouldn’t call it a hobby, but he enjoys it so it’s an activity we do together.”

Can’t wait for y’all’s wedding!


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